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 Viewing HI-RES Stages

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PostSubject: Viewing HI-RES Stages   Sun Mar 07, 2010 9:21 am

To view HI-RES stages is really simple and personally you should have had some idea of how to do it. also it's not a software; it's a method.

1st step: complete your stage

2nd step: order your stage elements from what supposed to be in the back to the ones in the front.

3rd step: download a character that can fly and use one that can fly at a decent speed. we don't want a fast view of the stage.

4th step: Add this code to the bottom of each element(sprite) coding. layerno = 1

5th step: enter your mugen then go to training and select your stage. you will notice you don't see anything but your stage anymore.

6th step: Press your pause button and change your range of your opponent character to CLOSE.

7th step: Now just fly with your character around the stage. please fly in a conventional way so people can view the stage properly.
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Viewing HI-RES Stages
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